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A new Video by me made from still pix taken with my new camera

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This Week in Great Comic Book Panels

From Wednesday Comics. Here's the artist for a real Dr. Fate Series PLEAZE!!!!

below you have Spidey & Doc Ock courtesy of Stan & his Bro Larry... Old School.

Hawkman like so many before him rues the fact that someday all planes, parachutes, all crash on DINOSAUR ISLAND!

The new Doom Patrol is suitably absurd, thus far.

"Beast Boy" gets emo in the latest Titans soap opera.

This Week in Great Comic Book Panels Pt 2

a good week... here's a few more I liked.

1. As an elder sibling I know that you are supposed to make sure that your younger sibs hit themselves, and often. This may be taking it too far.

2. I'm liking a lot of these pseudo old style 70th anniversary comics, as well as the new Not Brand Ecch - Strange Adventures. This Namor story had many memorable panels, but this was the most absurd.

3. Spidey from the not brand ecch-ish Marvel Zombies Return. Spidey eats all his villains.

I had no idea that the powers at be at Marvel these days had such a great sense of humour about their properties... keep the parodies coming!

This Week in Great Comic Book Panels

1st we have Metamorpho- Snakes & Ladders (from Wednesday Comics). I want to print this out and play Snakes & Ladders on it.

2nd one is all about implications. The Giant Penny has been scarred up by Two Face (obviously, don't see how that could be a spoiler, who else would do that given the chance) which means Harvey is or has been in the Bat-Cave. ZOMG. :p

not done this week's reading yet so more may come.