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This Week in Great Comic Book Panels

Only two so far this week. neither really funny, but cool nonetheless.
Both Bat-related. In the first one you have Batman (Bruce Wayne even) going into a "Poison Ivied" Arkham... I just like the art a lot.

Second you have the dorkiest version of the Red Hood yet. Is it Jason Todd?

This Week in Great Comic Book Panels

1. DD #500... much better than most of the Big number events recently at Marvel. Brubaker is Da Man. Kingpin would be awesome with an army of ninjas at his disposal... but DD is even cooler, with same.

2. Manhunter & Huntress beat one of the creepier new villains out there.

3. Wonder Woman just needs to stand there, to defeat henchmen. Who can say no to the Wonder Ass.?

This Week in Great Comic Book Panels

another week... Only one cool panel so far... Ultimate line rebooted. I like it so far. On the basis of Ultumate Spidey, and this Avengers.

Ultimate Cap gets the best lines.

Zoës Of The Day

What is the "Zoës Of The Day"? It's me, en Femme. I call myself Zoë... Why am I posting these pics. Dunno. Attention? Unlikely, nobody reads this blog.

I just want to be able to be out with who I really am. This is more the real me than the edition most people see everyday. If I thought I could pull it off, I'd dress this way all the time.

But...I can't really pull it off. I'm too self conscious. So Photoshop becomes my friend. I can dress up in private and blur, fade away beard stubble, other more masculine attributes..

It's fun for me. I feel the photoshoping is interestingly if a bit unorthodoxly done.

My Youtuberies

Here are my YouTube videos. Some are mashup style fair-use etc style, some are things I shot, Poems are mine unless otherwise noted.

Most recent:

Above poem/video is also on You tube, but I thought I'd test the video posting capabilities of this blog.... seems easy peasy.

More videos down the Pipe, then for certain. I want to do some videoblogging also.

End Buddha's Video Variety Hour.

This Week in Great Comic Book Panels

Some Panels From Doom Patrol #1, The JLA: Cry For Justice Mini, (By James Robinson et al...*wistful sigh of joy*)

Spidey 601, A run which I have many quibbles, but am enjoying for the most part. Hurryups on the MJ coming back plz!

Any JLA that's referencing Bukowski on the Opening splash page has my attention.

A decent week for comics. Also recommended:

Irredeemable #5
Wednesday Comics #4 (best marketing ploy in years by any comics co.)

Absolution #1 Decent start, interesting quirky powers from the lead character. clever use of the "registered heroes" meme.

Hangman (red circle) #1 JMS does it again... interesting spin on those old Archie heroes it seems.

I'm actually enjoying some of the more over the top "dark Reign" titles, but I can't wait for Marvel to go back to a semblance of normal 616-ness.

Comic Nerd Transmission endeth...........